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CSOs Call for Accountability and Disclosure from AIIB on its FI Investments (January 2018)

BRICS 2017 Offers Nothing New (September 2017)

India’s Investments Abroad: How Accountable Are We! (September 2017)

Investing in Losses (July 2017)

ADB Footprints: An Overview of ADB’s Investments in India (May 2017)

भारत के पावर सेक्टर सुधार: एडीबी जैसे अर्तराष्ट्रीय वित्तीय संस्थान अभी भी उस अव्यवस्था से हाथ धो रहे जो उन्होने बनाई (मई 2017)

Clean Coal Advocated by ADB, A Dirty Lie (April 2017)

Human Rights Watch Submission re International Financial Institutions and Human Rights (April 2017)

मध्यप्रदेश मे एशियाई विकास बैंक का निवेष और बिजली का निजीकरण (April 2017)

Privatisation and Commercialisation of Water in India (September 2016)

ADB Funding for Hydropower Projects in North East (January 2014)

India: Core labour standards not implemented in ADB funded projects (September 2013)

Sustainability and financial viability of urban water supply and sanitation in dryland areas in India – Case study of Indore city (December 2012)

IFIs and Tourism: Perspectives and Debates (August 2012)

Activists ask ADB to withhold funding to hydel projects (July 2011)

In the Name of Clean Energy A report on Asian Development Bank-financed hydropower projects in Himachal Pradesh (May 2011)

Profiting from poverty: The ADB, private sector and development in Asia (May 2011)


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